Isn't this the game that has the "unbreakable" DRM involved? Do you think, maybe, systems like this take a toll on stability and performance? Do you think, maybe, putting money into this sort of DRM might take away available work hours for beta testing, stability, and improvements? » 12/20/14 10:02pm Saturday 10:02pm

We've also moved heavily away from the derision of Asians and Asian cultures prevalent after WW2, internment camps, and the like. Also, the Katana has become lauded as not only one of the coolest sword designs, widely used outside of Japan, it's also been recognized as one of the best, strongest, and most functional… » 12/19/14 11:24am Friday 11:24am

Often not a matter of "endowment". I have thighs like a bodybuilder, from martial arts as a kid. I'm serious—goddamn beefy tree trunks. I cannot physically cross my legs at the knees. Has nothing to do with endowment, has everything to do with size of my thighs. However, attempting to sit like this does crush my… » 12/19/14 9:49am Friday 9:49am