Comparing these to Mario and Disney doesn’t work—Mario is clearly cartoony, Ariel is a cartoon, and Rapunzel at least has her features in proportion and placed correctly. But, to the point, none of them are fucking terrifying. Clearly the issue, then, is not big eyes. » 4/14/15 9:41am 4/14/15 9:41am

Dark matter doesn’t interact with light, meaning photons don’t bounce off of it, it just passes right through. And it doesn’t interact with the electromagnetic force either, which is the force that keeps the molecules of everything we consider “real” together. It might (might) interact with the weak molecular force,… » 4/12/15 3:16pm 4/12/15 3:16pm

I will agree that the TV folks seem much more in control and skillful than the film people. It's so, so weird—DC's cartoons have always, ALWAYS been so much more amazing than their films. I'm happy the TV side is falling on that "better" side too, I just have to wonder how one company can have such amazing moving… » 4/10/15 2:34pm 4/10/15 2:34pm

Or invert them (first->last, favorite->worst, mother’s maiden->father’s mother’s maiden, etc). Alternately, I made up a dummy alias in my head—just a really stupid name I thought was funny when I was a kid—and that “person” has his own birthday and details people who don’t know me won’t know. » 4/10/15 7:04am 4/10/15 7:04am

Because clearly, since he was behind on child support, he deserved to be shot to death. If you're brown, anything short of utter perfection means don't deserve to live or be respected. This crappy and immediate attempts to tear down the character of every victim of police violence and murder is stomach-churning in its… » 4/09/15 9:49pm 4/09/15 9:49pm

The community has been asking for recolors for a long while, but despite testing and experimenting with a few internal ideas, we couldn’t find a way to build them that satisfied our high standards. The current price reflects the work we put into crafting them.

Yeah, it’s possible to do a quick and dirty overlay, or…

» 4/09/15 9:40pm 4/09/15 9:40pm