Fuckin HELL yeah, this person gets it! Coming out to your friends and family (and the public if you want to) is YOUR MOMENT. YOU get to decide when, where, how, and even IF. That right is not taken away just because you're famous, nor should it be stolen away because asshole photogs and gossip twits are chirping away… » 1/31/15 11:40am Yesterday 11:40am

Our culture's fixation on sex as a negative is the most counter-intuitive stupidity. We are products of a biosphere that owes everything that exists on sex. Life, humanity, consciousness, culture, language, music, art, EVERYTHING ABOUT US only exists because of the need and drive to procreate and have sex. Without… » 1/30/15 10:54am Friday 10:54am

Current history says Mjolnir can alter how many gravitons it generates, so although it's insanely heavy, it reduces its perceived weight. And that it only increases said weight to directly counter forces upon it, like someone trying to lift it. How it scans said person isn't stated, but the helicarrier wasn't trying… » 1/29/15 11:02pm Thursday 11:02pm